A new piece of writing, eventually.

#CaltonHill #Edinburgh (at Calton Hill)

One of my all time favourite records finally on vinyl. #FleetwoodMac #vinyl #record #Rumours

Such a wonderful collection of short stories.


Waiting http://wp.me/s2U4zG-waiting

On the rocks I lie as you hum,
hum the tune of happiness.
You asked me once what I wanted

In the air I float as you whistle,
whistle the sound of joy.
You asked once what I needed

In the water I wade as you sing,
sing the melody of love.
You what asked me once what I desired

I said to you.

On the shore you stand as I lie
I lie there thinking of an answer.
I told you once I wanted nothing

In the…

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Dallas Buyers Club - review

In a film that has taken 20 years to get on our screens Matthew McConaughey plays a Texas rodeo…

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A beautiful Swedish man. Siggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh